So, I was shopping in Potchefstroom the other day,…

A beautiful town in the North West Province, predominantly white… founded by the Voortrekkers in the 1800’s.

Just shopping at one of the Retail stores, when I carelessly bumped into an old white woman. It was totally my fault, I was not paying attention and by accident hit the trolley into her foot…

I still can’t believe what happened next…this lady, turns to me and says,

‘it’s okay sweetheart’ and gives me the biggest smile ever.

I apologised and we went our separate ways, still a bit dazed and wondering how this situation didn’t end up on Facebook.

My only regret is that there was no video footage of this incident. I wonder if that video would’ve went viral or if people would’ve applauded the woman for being so ‘Unracist’.

I also had an incident at a spice shop a few months ago, where this Indian guy threw my bank card on the counter and slammed my grocery bag down, almost throwing it to the floor, which resulted in unkind words being exchanged between himself and my husband…was he being racist? Oh but wait a second, I’m also indian, so which category do I file him under… racist? Sexist? Rude? Or just plain arrogant?

In South Africa we tend to use the past as an excuse to paint everyone with the same brush.

No, I’m not saying there are no racists in this country, but it’s not limited to white, black, Indian or Coloured. Every race has racists… this does not make the WHOLE race to be racist.

Racism is not an inherent trait, we are not born with it, we CHOOSE to become Racists. 


The word Racism, to me, is just a clutch for most people. It’s the quickest way to get the fastest attention.


A white man is not a racist because he has an argument with you at a restaurant. If he was a true racist, he would not even share the same air space as you.

A black man is not a racist because he is fighting for his rightful place in this country, if he was a racist, he would not be working side by side with you in the same workplace.

This word is being used loosely and for all the wrong reasons.

These days people are afraid to say ‘bless you’ when you sneeze, in fear of it being turned into a racist slur.

Stop the viral videos, Stop the cussing and name calling. Stop Labelling people.

Put your phones away when someone falls, and extend your hands to help them up. the lady at the Menlyn Mall, who was inappropriately dressed, should’ve been offered a jacket to cover up, not taunted and laughed at. People commented about her lack of morals…where are THEIR morals?

We are always ready to expose the faults of others, yet our faults are easily overlooked.

 “Whoever conceals the faults of another, Allah will conceal his faults in this life and the Hereafter.”

Not everything is a joke, and not everything is about colour.




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