To my daughter

A few life lessons as you prepare to leave home…

First on the list and maybe one of the most important of all:

  • Don’t be afraid of the world….be CAUTIOUS, but NEVER afraid
  • Always wear your seatbelt (well, not ALWAYS,,only when you are in a vehicle, obviously)
  • Contrary to what I always nagged you about ,,,you CAN actually wear un-ironed jeans…nothing superstitious or irrational will happen to you…
  • I have to tell you the truth…there WAS no ‘sink fairy’ —– if you use dishes, you have to wash them yourself… so, I would advise you not to pile up the dishes and wait for it to magically disappear, because it ain’t going anywhere.
  • Cook extra food, leftovers can be frozen… recent studies have proved that eating leftover food does not kill you…(btw, there was no magic cooking machine either,,,)
  • You don’t have to take EVERY piece of advice you get from EVERY person (well, except if it’s from your mother)…not ALL advice is necessarily good for you
  • Going to university does not automatically grant you your freedom…the degree in your hand after 4 years does
  • Friends are important, but only true friendship will stop you from staying out all night…choose your friends carefully
  • SLEEP (I can’t believe I’m saying this)…Sleep when you are tired…no need to pull an all – nighter hours before an exam… what you couldn’t study 3 weeks earlier is definitely not going to be miraculously embedded into your brain overnight… no matter how much ‘dragon’ and ‘red bull’ you may consume.
  • NEVER get into a car with a driver you are not familiar with.
  • If you didn’t open the can or bottle yourself, DO NOT DRINK FROM IT..(and in ‘bottle’,,,I mean, cooldrink, ice tea, milk)
  • Don’t let past fears stand in the way of your future…life happens, events occur, mistakes are forgotten, and if it didn’t kill you, it definitely made you stronger.
  • Boys are abundant, but YOUTH happens only once…no repeats…Choose wisely
  • When you feel DEPRESSED just remember,  It’s only a TEST, Kalima is the BEST…



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