You know it’s exam time again, when you start feeling cranky, irritable, moody, confused, weepy… you start having sleepless nights, heart palpitations, mild chest pains, and sweaty palms as you get closer to the exam. And that’s just us, the Parents….


The student, on the other hand,,,well, what can I say? Particularly the one who resides in our house. There doesn’t seem to be a need of urgency or any kind of stress. Things seem to be a bit too calm. If there was an exam for social (media) studies, I’m quite convinced my child will ace that paper.

However, immediately after the exam, the faith and prayer sessions in my house become so strong, you would be easily convinced that you entered a holy shrine.

Suddenly the student becomes alert, almost as if he has been shaken awake from a deep sleep. The urge to go through notes and text books more thoroughly becomes a number one priority…something that should’ve been done prior to the exam.

Hoping against hope that the teacher is too stressed and doesn’t notice the part where you left out an entire chapter…or maybe the teacher is kind enough to issue marks for every single full stop, comma and correct spelling of your name.

So unless you are sure your guardian angel is going to make a miraculous appearance and reveal all the answers to you on the day you write your exam, I would suggest, you stick to your study schedule, don’t miss a day and just remain consistent.images

Most importantly, if you try your best and still fail, it’s not failure, it’s just a setback.

Although passing an exam is the most euphoric feeling in the world, failure is DEFINITELY not the end of the world….it’s only “a stepping stone to success”


 “Do your best, and God will take care of the rest”…(as long as you really DO your best)


Good luck


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