And I know you are busy, but I just need a few minutes of your time.

Your precious time, spent listening to us every day.

Listening to us whine and complain about every little thing.

In this ever changing world, a world once so beautiful, some believed it to be heaven, we question your actions, doubt your power, demand to have more than our neighbour, and cry when we get what we wanted, because it’s still never enough.

We sit back with folded arms when your world is falling apart, being destroyed by those who hunger for power. We watch as buildings come crumbling down, homes are burnt to the ground, faces of children begging for mercy. And that’s the only time we thank you God. “We thank you God, that it’s not happening to us, Thank you God for protecting us, thank you God it’s not my child, thank you God it’s happening in another country”,,, and then we switch channels and go back to our lives. Lives  we find so boring, because we think we have so little.

How do you put up with us, GOD ?

 God, your name is AL – GHAFFAR –

“The all forgiving, the absolver, the veiler of sins and faults, the most protecting one.”

“The one who accepts repentance and veils or forgives our faults and sins, time and time again. The one who sets us free from guilt and shame of our sins and faults, such that we may discover inner harmony and peace”

“The one who can set aright or transform wrong deeds and change them into what become good deeds”

I write to you God, to ask you to forgive us for our actions, for being ungrateful and selfish. Forgive us for only thinking about ourselves.

Create in us such compassion, God, so our hearts become softened by seeing the plight of others, and that our eyes are cleared of short sightedness and we learn to appreciate what we already have.



your humble human



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