I wish I knew then, what I know now. Life would’ve been so much simpler……

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

A few of my favourite hacks of life…………..




Too often, these little lego figures end up under the bed or under our feet….finally found something useful to do with them…just secure figurine with a bit of Prestik to the desk/table top.



No need to chase the kids outside anymore, when eating ice – cream.


who would’ve thought….bread clips…..mmmmm



Cut pool noodle into 4 pieces, thread rope/twine through pieces and VOILA

As easy as that..


Place a wooden spoon over a pot, to prevent boiling over


Flattened pillow? Put it in the sun for 30 minutes. The sun will absorb moisture and plump up your pillow..


Use a hanging shoe organiser for cleaning supplies


rOld cereal container as a trash can in the car…this i need..


use toothpaste on those old musty looking headlights…

 I’m definitely trying some of these this weekend



Why didn’t I think of this???  Fold your sheets and put them in one of the matching pillow cases…looks neat and also very easily accessible


Last but not least…my favourite,

C              use-pool-noodles-to-keep-tall-boots-upright-life-hack

Cut pool noodles as insert for long boots. Retains shape and looks neat in the shoe cabinet.

(old, rolled up magazines also work perfectly)


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