Society is funny…they ask you to be yourself and then they judge you…..

Part of society thinks I should maintain my ‘round’ figure because it’s a sign of good health, while the other part of society feel that I’m just not good enough to fit in, unless I join a gym and lose a few kilos..

I’m accepted by some and rejected by others… which way do I go?

Basically, If you are skinny, you are anorexic,

If you are even slightly overweight, you are obese,

If you are a virgin, you are good,

If you are a ‘non – virgin’, you are bad,

If you are friendly, you are a fake,

If you are quiet, you are rude….

Society is never pleased.


Where exactly is this handbook that tells you how to be perfect?

Perfection comes from within ourselves. It’s how we feel in our own skin and the ability to show it to the world.

 Confidence is a beauty most people lack. We step out into the world with a painted mask, seldom do we allow the world to see the real person behind the mask. The reason is fear. We fear the way people might judge us for the way we look, or dress.

We tend to work long hours to keep up an appearance that society wants to see. We accumulate more debt in order to live the lifestyle we cannot afford.

Our bodies and wallets are screaming out for a ‘time out’, but our egos and pride need to keep up with the Joneses and to let the world know that “we have arrived”

We allow Society to dictate the ‘do’s and don’ts of our lives, to the extent that we can’t tell what really makes us happy anymore…



Marilyn Manson rightly quoted:

“we live in a society of victimisation, where people are much more comfortable being victimised than actually standing up for themselves”…..

Bending to society’s unspoken rule is a form of victimisation. Not being able to be who you want to be, is a form of victimisation….




4 thoughts on “WHAT WILL THEY SAY !!!!!

  1. You nailed it Roxy baby!!!! we fall into this impersonation of what we think Society want only to be rejected by the same people we are trying to impress, they do not care what struggles we go through on a day to day all they want is for you to be this and that, in the process of trying to fit in we loose ourselfs and become nothing instead of being the best of who were are as there can only be one YOU!

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