Nee, nie uit die yskas GEHAAL nie..

The word HALAAL is often misinterpreted by the misinformed or should I say ill informed.

Amongst a hundred other things Muslims are branded for, “Halaal” is one of the most commonly misunderstood practices. It is usually joked about, laughed at, and at times, even feared. This would really be funny if it was not so serious.

“Halaal” is the Arabic term for “lawful or permissible” And “Haraam” is simply the opposite (that which is not permissible or lawful, e.g: pork).

Any animal, except a pig, is only acceptable to consume if it is slaughtered according to Islamic law.

“These prohibited foods and ingredients are called haram, meaning forbidden in Arabic. Foods that are not halal for Muslims to consume as per various Qurʼanic verses are:

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………………..in a land far far away, lived a beautiful queen, with her handsome King and their two beautiful princesses…

After selecting the perfect outfit for the day, (and there were hundreds to select from), the queen would stroll down to the dining hall, where the finest breakfast would be laid out in all it’s  splendour.

The two little princesses were always dressed and well groomed in their finest attire, enjoying their healthy breakfasts without any fuss. No strange faces were made at the food in front of them, or rolling of eyes when the cereal was served, no no no

The king, after instructing the coachman to prepare the royal chariot for a day out, would join his family at the breakfast table. Voices were not raised, tempers were not lost, and food was never spilled.

The king and queen would indulge in meaningful adult conversation, which was never interrupted by children with ‘children’s questions’

The nanny would ensure that the princesses were ready and waiting for when it was time to leave.

With, not a hair out of place, and with a sweet smile on their faces, the princesses would merrily chat to each other while waiting for their parents. Again, no raised voices here, no insults thrown at each other and definitely no comments made about how the one thinks the other looks like a dog…no, no no, these were real obedient little princesses..

The king and queen appear, hand in hand, ready for a fun filled day ahead. No stress here, no running around looking for lost wallets and misplaced bags and shoes, the king was ever so patient.

Everyone steadily gets into the royal coach, without any stomping of feet, or trampling on dresses.

The two princesses happily share the one story book between the two of them. still, no bickering here, or angry tones, no kicking seats, or slamming doors….all is peaceful.

A long trip into the town square, where mother chooses cute little frilly dresses for her princesses..again i have to add…no tantrums here, every dress mother chooses is received with squeals of laughter and joy…the princesses are overwhelmed with the matching pink dresses mother chooses.

The girls wait patiently as mother decides if she should add little jewellery to match the dresses. All are happy and skip away joyfully as father escorts them into the next store.

The king is happy and overjoyed to accompany his queen on this delightful trip into town. He offers to carry the many shoe boxes and other knick knacks the queen desires….still, absolutely no tempers have flared or profanity uttered…all is well…

After a quick 5 hour shopping spree, they return home, where the servants unpack and hang up all the day’s shopping.

The family then settles down to a quite dinner, with healthy veggies and fruit for dessert. Some even ask for more broccoli….

The princesses are then put to bed and fall off to sleep almost immediately.

The king and queen enjoy tea and biscuits while discussing their plans for the next day..


Alas, as I said, “ in a land far far away…..so far away, nobody even remembers the name……….

“once upon a time” because it only happened once….

And then they all lived H̶a̶p̶p̶i̶l̶y̶  ever after………………….