So, I’ve put super glue on the inside handle of the toilet door, smeared Vaseline on the toilet seat, replaced the hand wash with cooking oil, and splattered some on the floor for extra effect. Now I’m just going to wait patiently until I hear her shriek. Ohhh the sweet sound of revenge.

My chance to exact revenge on that big fat bully who just won’t stop bullying everyone. It’s time she had a taste of what it feels like. Maybe now she’ll understand what it feels like to be embarrassed and how it feels to be picked on every day.

Yes, it’s time to stand up to her, and her taunts, insults, snide remarks and evil, conniving ways. No more being yelled at and shoved around. THIS IS IT.

This is for all the times I had to hang my head in shame because of one of her tactics, or when she made me look incompetent when she took credit for my report, and that time, when I stupidly fell for her tricks and she laughed so hard and made sure everyone heard about it.Picture2

Well, MISSY, Not anymore, THIS IS IT.. you are going Down, You are going to regret ever picking on me, and after today, you will be so scared that you will never ever disrespect me ever again..

What’s taking her so long, where is she? I can’t wait to hear her scream for help.

It’s going to be so funny to see her trying to get the glue off her hands, or maybe they’ll have to surgically separate the door handle from her hand….and that little oil spill on the floor, is sure to send her into a little tail spin,,,, THIS IS IT…Bwahahahahahahahahaha,,,oh what fun….Picture12


GASP! Wait a second!! What have I done? What if the glue is so effective and they have to remove part of her hand or what if she slips on the oil and hits her head on the wash basin and has to be rushed to the emergency room, and ends up with permanent brain damage…..OMW

I race into the bathroom and clean up the ‘deadly trap’.. THIS IS NOT IT…This is not who I am..

I will not be the reason for someone else’s pain.

This revenge thing is not good. Spending hours thinking of ways to hurt the person who hurt you, will only turn you into the bully you are trying to avoid.

The only way to exact revenge is to become a bully yourself. I don’t think the world is ready for anymore bullies.

Every minute you waste thinking about how to take revenge on that bully only helps him become stronger and he wins.

Accept the fact that you also had a part in allowing this behaviour. So maybe it’s time to stand up and say “ENOUGH”…..Because we all have a chance to change our situations, if you don’t, then it’s not victimisation or bullying anymore, it’s self- inflicted.


“Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior, without your consent”Picture1


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