Roses are red

Violets are blue

My love for u, is…strong…

Err, my love for you, is….pure…

Wait a second,,,I got this.

My love for you is…not wrong…….


Okay, let me try another one….


Your eyes are like diamonds, so bright and shiny,

The stars in the sky are also shiny, and bright..

Your face is like the moon, i’m not sure why,


let’s just forget this…I’m hopeless, even when I try…


As you can see, poetry is best left to the experts.

The art of writing what your heart is hiding, is poetry. It’s passionate, emotional and heart-wrenching. It talks for you when your heart struggles to understand the world. It can open up old wounds, and can also heal a broken heart.

So, after some convincing, begging and pleading, I managed to get my loved ones to allow me to share some of their work…much respect and appreciation for these guys.







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