Do u think it’s ‘unmanly’ for men to show their sensitive side?


We were brought up in a society where men were seen as the strong, hardworking ‘never take a day off’ guy. So, filing and buffering your nails were never part of the plan. ‘calloused hands were a sign of a hardworker’


Whichever way I put this, it will no doubt, attract lots of cynicism, laughter and silly jokes, because most men are not comfortable admitting that they do enjoy ‘letting their hair down’ sometimes. The occasional ‘chick flick’,  a well – deserved manicure, shopping and maybe, even that big bowl of ice – cream when the world turns cruel doesn’t sound so bad sometimes, but you will never hear a man admit this. It is often seen as a sign of weakness and unmanliness. 

Why would you assume that your friend is any lesser of a man because he keeps his nails well – manicured. I don’t mean, “shiny, glossy’ kinda manicured….just clean, neat, well cut nails. Why is that a bad thing?

 Truth be told, men do have this secret desire to take care of themselves. They also don’t mind the tear jerker movie once in a while, because it makes them feel human and not like they need to be on guard all the time taking care of us and protecting us from the big bad world.    


I’m not crying, there’s something in my eye !!!

  NEWSFLASH: Being Meticulous about your grooming and appearance does not make you any lesser of a man…and neither is it about being Unmanly or girly it’s about taking care of yourself..


 So go ahead, be a man, and use those nice smelling shower gels, indulge yourself with that ‘grapefruit and honey’ facial scrub, and feel free to buffer those nails and trim those nose hairs…. I DARE YOU !!!



2 thoughts on “FOR MEN ONLY………….

  1. hello.. just seen a comment you posted on another website and thought I would have a quick look at your blog.. funny stuff I must say! really enjoyed the dream job post! looking for one just like it! but as a recent graduate it’s taking a little time to find what I want to do..! If you get a chance.. take a look at my site.. I’m in the process of rebranding.. but let me know what you think.. and also any tips on new blog posts?

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