“Maveeeees, where’s my coffee”

“Maveeeees, Where’s my socks”

“Maveeeees, did u bath the children?”

“Maveeeees, bring me my shoes,”

“Maveeeees, bring in the groceries”

“Maveeeees, u forgot to cut up my food and feed it to me”



Yes, I know it sounds exaggerated, but unfortunately this happens too often in too many households.

NOT IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD, But even if it is one, it is too many.

 The “Madam and Eve” situation is a bit unfortunate, because most of the time, the good Madam gets the worst maid, and the best maid gets the worst Madam.

There should be a personality test prior to the hiring process, where the madam and the maid are suitably paired. This would solve everyone’s problems…sigh!!! If only it was that easy.

So, It’s that dreaded time of year again, when our precious maids go on leave, and horror of horrors we have to actually pick up our own plates!!!!!! What a CATASTROPHE!!!

December becomes a month of self – discovery, pain, anxiety and temper tantrums. It’s a month in which we are put through our paces. The only month in which we truly appreciate our maids and what they do for us.imageswSuddenly that miniscule stain under the rug, which you’ve been nagging the maid about, doesn’t seem so important anymore. It’s quite okay for the kids to eat out of paper plates, that shirt doesn’t need pressing at all, and really, who’s going to notice the dust under the carpet.

  1. imagesV4MZZYCQ





Our kids suddenly develop arms, and are able to pick up after themselves, the laundry basket seems to reduce in size, because we figured out how to use a pair of jeans twice.untitledfffffffffffff

Your new motto is: “a dirty house is a sign of a happy life”, but of course, that is only valid till after the New Year, when the maid gets back.


And then everything goes back to normal, and we become disabled again.

A maid is an individual just like everyone else, she has feelings and compassion. Just as we get offended by our boss for telling us off, so does the maid. We have a Human Resource department where we could complain about a colleague, she does not have the same.

Appreciation is the highest form of compliment for a human being. Feeling appreciated and treated with respect will create a comfortable environment where the maid will be happy to work. A happy employee is a productive employee.


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