So I tried to help this sweet old lady the other day when I thought she was struggling to use her cell phone. She gladly allowed me to assist her, and very calmly proceeded in giving me precise instructions about her smart phone when she noticed that I was struggling with it. Turns out that she was not having problems with using her phone, she had forgotten her glasses at home and was struggling with her vision.


I continued to “help” her, pretending like I knew exactly what to do, because I was too ashamed to admit that I didn’t have a clue, and also that this lady had a better phone than mine.

Before I left, I was given a crash course on the different types of phones and tablets, and which brands I should stay away from and which business phone she thinks will suit my lifestyle, etc etc…

Although red faced and a bit shaken by this savvy old lady, I had to admit, that I felt a great deal of admiration for her.

We often assume that old people should be doing what old people do.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that older people SHOULD be more tech savvy. They need technology just as much, or maybe even more, than us.



Think about it! Older folk have friends whom they would love to spend more time with, but certain restraints, like health problems or lack of transport, make it difficult for them to visit friends as often as they would like to. Knowing how to use the computer, tablet, or laptop, makes it easier for them to communicate with each other and also gives them something interesting to do during the day, when everyone else is at work or school.


I cannot envision myself sitting alone at home when I’m old, and just watching t.v, or surrounded by cats, and maybe dependent on my daughters and having to wait for them to get home to help me with menial tasks.

So the next time your grandmother asks you something about a mobile phone , tablet or computer, don’t just shrug her off and think that she won’t understand, take some time and make her understand. Teach her and allow her to discover the amazing world of technology..



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