To my Deerest friend



Hope you and you’re family are well. On my side, everyone is good. this letter is long overdew, I no. but it’s bean hectic at work.

It feels a bit odd to right a letter to you, since we have so much modern technology these days, but I’m doing this to proof a point to everyone, because recently my friends have bean telling me how bad my spelling is……..psssssshttt, what do they know?? Its not me, it’s the autocorrect on my phone that keeps changing my spelling. They said i will fail English, but we all know that’s UNPOSSIBLE!!!

Therefore I right to you and you can see how rong they are, u can be the judge because no one understands me accept you.

Anyways, before I go on, let me just remind you that your my best friend, your always bring me comfort, love and joy and most importantly, lots of food. You even spend hours listening to me when I’m board.

Oh yes, did I tell you that I past my exam, yes, it was a hard paper, but I managed. Everyone complemented me and they said they would of given me a party if they new earlier, but they where not expecting it……mmm i wander why? anyways, its there loss.

 For all intensive purposes I must say I did very well. I asked my class maid to borrow me his text book and I really did study very hard, more then I usually do.

There were days when I even ignored dirty dishes in the zink, just to study. I even went days without washing my hare.

My class maid really helped me to study, his a good student. As you can see, how much gooder my English has become.

Anyways, I have to run, take care and don’t forget to reply back.

Our friendship is important and I don’t want to loose it.

BTW, I know its unpossible, but if you can pick up any errers in the above, you will let me no, right?


Take care

Right soon

Your best friend


(aka bookworm)


Readers: so how many errors can YOU find?


3 thoughts on “PERFECT ENGLISH

  1. haahahaaaa… i agree with R i only tought its my phone autocorrect that keeps changing the spelling i am sooo happy i am not alonr in this arrgggg theere it goes agian i give up mcm…..

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