So I get to school bright and early, don’t want to be late. I put my bag down and take my seat. Today I will not allow my head to be filled with any thoughts of fighting with anyone, or hitting anyone, or screaming, kicking, or hurting anyone in any way. I plan to be on my best behaviour.

The lesson starts, I try to concentrate, but there are too many disruptions. I close my eyes, and wait for the next 15 minutes to pass by,,,open my eyes again, and it’s only been 30 seconds…

An hour after class has started, my head is pounding, my eyes are bloodshot red, my ears are ringing with the screaming and noise, I can barely hear my own thoughts. I feel like feigning a tummy ache and cutting class early today,,,trying to work out the distance from my desk to the door and how long before anyone notices I’m gone,,,just then I hear tiny little voices screaming my name…”teacher ,teacher, I need to go to the bathroom”…..

Aaaaaarghhhhh  I almost got away


Discipline starts at school… wait…the last time I checked, discipline starts at home. Growing up, we were taught how to respect others, older or younger than us, that our teacher was our second parent and what teacher says is “law”. Punishment given by the teacher would be doubled at home if we complained. Teachers, even when disliked, were always respected.

We survived ‘corporal punishment’, and grew up to be normal citizens, without the help of therapists and psycho analysts.

Kids these days spend more time with their therapists than they do in a library.

Corporal punishment is not the death penalty. While I definitely DO NOT support or encourage child abuse in any way, I personally think that there should be some level of discipline in the schools.

Our teachers were not allowed to hit us on any part of our bodies, except on the palm of our hands with a ruler. The mere sight of the ruler would send shivers up our spines. We were never physically abused in any way, but being aware of that ruler was enough for us to be quiet when teacher spoke.

I have witnessed and learned that teaching is by far the most difficult profession in South Africa currently. Hats off to all teachers for trying to make a difference, especially since you’ve been sent to war without any weapons.

People often say “bring back the death penalty”,,I say, if we “bring back discipline” in the schools, there would be no need to bring back the death penalty. Kids will be well adjusted and will actually learn something in school because teachers would not be shouting all the time or trying to avoid being hit with a chair by a student.




2 thoughts on “ScHOOLIGANS

  1. I think we, the parents of today are the ones who have to be blamed for our children misbehaviour, as you say in your article above “corporal punishment never killed anyone” that is how we were brought up and we turned out fine, but the problem is that we have stopped many of the ways we have been brought up by, without putting anything in their place, for example our children can get away with murder because we could not care less or we are too busy caught up in our own world to even notice, we have build big house so that our children can have their own space and they lock themselves in their rooms with phones, TV, and Computers chatiing to their friends and even strangers for hours in a world that we have created. We should spend more time with our children , greet our neighbours and in that way maybe we might be able to mend those broken relationships in the communities that we live in, and teachers will do what they do best which is to teach not to suffer abuse in the hands of our children!

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