I think soccer should be fun and exciting and all about this…………….    

ss sw s

         okay, and maybe a little bit of this ……………..

sd                 sdf ws


 But why this??????????????

d                                           dd ddd

Why do some men get so worked up about soccer? I’m not going to lessen the importance of the game by saying “it’s just a game”, because that is not true. Soccer for most people is like a religion. You get those pure die hard fans who have detailed knowledge of each player and can give you stats from the very first game played. They can even tell you the exact amount paid for a certain player and how many goals he scored in the last five years.

Each goal, penalty, red card, off side, and every decision taken by the referee is seen as a personal blow to the ardent die hard fan. Everyone gets a taste of the fan’s ire, including the manager of their team with comments like “Ferguson should sell Fletcher, he is useless”,

“how could he pay so much for this guy, aaargh @#$%?”…… “how difficult is it to find the back of the net,

@#$%&?”……and that’s how it goes for the next 90 minutes.

The adrenalin rush, the stress, anxiety and anticipation is heightened in the last 5 minutes of the game. Depends on who is winning, the last 5 minutes could be torture and seem like an hour or it could pass in a nail biting 5 seconds. And then it’s all over, just like that.

P.S, if your man’s team has won, then this would be the perfect opportunity to ask for those stunning heels you had your eye on, because you WILL get it.

And if they lost the match..,,,,just be quiet and agree with him about everything the coach did wrong, and how the referee was not fair, and how that should have been a goal, etc…

Also just to be safe, lock the cat up and give your kids earplugs and allow them to listen to very loud music for the next hour or so…….

Soccer is a passionate game, A game only a die Hard fan will appreciate. a game of highs and lows, where millions of people who don’t even speak the same language come together and for a brief moment are united by this nail biting, adrenalin pumping, edge of the seat, sport.

So enjoy this beautiful sport, but just remember,





2 thoughts on “SOCCER FEVA

  1. Heee banna i thought this was a 3 hour game, so is only 1 Hour 30 minutes really ????? cause the way my husband goes on and on about what you just mentioned above i will swear to you nothing matters more than the game. If I have been unable to discuss anything impotant before the game once it start i know its time for everybody to sit on the fence because you just never know which side you are going to fall. Honestly ”its just game”!!!


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