Why do we lie? What makes us keep secrets? Is it fear, pride, or just an adrenaline rush? How do we get to that point in our lives where we become dishonest and secretive?


Keeping secrets and telling lies are no doubt bad, but does it make us bad people? I find it difficult to believe that people who tell lies and keep secrets are bad, there are many amazing, good people out there who tell lies and have secrets. So what is it exactly that drives us to this point?

Newton’s third law “for every action, there is an equal re action”. Could it be that we react to a situation where we feel so intimidated by the other person to the extent that we have to lie to them. Lack of open communication is probably one of the main reasons we lie.

How many times have we heard people say “I didn’t mean to lie”… so what exactly did you mean to do? You meant to not get caught, maybe.


Let’s face it, we all lie at some stage in our lives. (NOT, that it’s okay, but we all do it) so who’s going to cast the first stone????

I played the part of the tooth fairy very convincingly, until very recently. It’s not the same thing you say, but the fact is, I lied and misled someone. My thought on this topic is not so much about the fact that we are all liars, but more about why we do it. Why is it so difficult to say what we want to say. We lie by omission, we lie by exaggeration and we lie for self – protection.

We even lie most days when people ask how we doing, and we reply with the well rehearsed and over used phrase “I’m well, thank you”…yeah right.

There’s no rational explanation (not that I know of) as to why we lie. It’s an innate ability to cover the truth.

I can safely say, that if everyone spoke the absolute truth every day, there would be a lot more psychologists and counsellors out there, nursing wounded egos and hurt feelings. There are times when I certainly do not want to know “if these jeans make my butt look fat”…and so is the nature of the beast, we cannot handle the truth.

Lying is not okay unless it is used to make peace or for the betterment of the other person.


ps: if my kids are reading this, just remember lying is a very very bad thing. Each time you lie (especially to your mother), one strand of your hair turns grey. (note to self: pick up one box of dye on my way home)default



  1. In my opinion we lie becos we are not very happy or proud with ourselves. The next time we lie we shld be be aware that we only lie to ourselves more than anybody else. Be proud of urself no matter what situation you might be in

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  2. I Honestly believe this is really a complex subject and i do not have the answeres as to why we LIE, but surely there are many reasons we do it just depend on how we look at it , Lying is bad we must all try by all means to avoid it. As for secrets i do not know if they exist as for it to be a secret it means only one person knows about it ,and that person is not you , so they are just keeping it away from those who are directly linked to you for your sake.

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  3. We lie because we just love to live double lives. I believe it pays to be honest, and get too sad most of the times when I realize I’m 1 of those few humans that prefer the Truth No Matter What! It always sets you free. You don’t have to wonder about anything, just the truth is genuine. There is no such thing as A Protective Lie, A lie is totally absurd. It’s a sin, no matter how we look at it. And coming to put ourselves into the other person’s position, Is it what I’d want/expect from them? Soo why am I doing it to them if it’s so unpleasant to me?

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