Well that’s just my idea. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could take a pic of those people who unashamedly urinate in public, or those who throw their trash around. We could then publish it in the local newspaper, under a column called “WALK OF SHAME” or something like that????

Too often I’ve come across men who urinate in public without any guilt or shame. I understand that nature does not have a specific time to call, but can u not find a more private place to relieve yourself? There are times when I noticed a tree or building not too far away , but still, this person would rather urinate as close to the road side as possible.

Littering is also another fast growing trend. While driving home from work last week, I had to swerve to avoid a KFC box and an almost empty can that was thrown out of the car in front of me. (tip: never use your wipers when you have Coke all over the windscreen, it just makes it worse)..

I recently caught my 9 year old throwing a piece of paper (no bigger than a matchbox size) out of the car window. We were in a residential area and I was able to stop and asked her to pick up the paper. She was quite embarrassed , and I could tell that she was wondering what the big fuss was about. So I explained to her that today it’s a small piece of paper and tomorrow it will be much bigger, (maybe a KFC box even, who knows). Even if she didn’t grasp the whole idea, at least she was embarrassed enough never to do it again.

Is it really that difficult to leave something in the same way that you found it? Would it kill you to stuff your atm slips into your pocket until you get home? Does your body not talk to you and let you know in advance that you need to use a toilet? NEWS FLASH, that’s what public toilets are there for.

In some countries there are fines issued for chewing gum or littering. We tend to mimic other countries in so many ways, so maybe we should start using their method of dealing with filth in our country.

Car guards should also have the added responsibility of “making” people pick up litter that they dropped. Or maybe we could create jobs for the unemployed, and pay them to control littering by being “litter police”. I would gladly pay for that.

As for the ones with the weak bladders, we should definitely take a picture (of his face) and post it to fb or the local newspaper. Once the defaulters are aware that people are taking action, I’m sure they’ll be able to find a toilet closest to them.

What do you think? Is this too drastic?

Share your ideas for a better South Africa. All good (and legal) ideas will be taken into consideration and hopefully we could start a campaign and bring awareness and solutions to these problems.

“I cannot be a proud South African until South Africa is proud of me”


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