Okay, so I managed to get my list out of the bucket (trash can) and decided to take a better look at it.

“my top 100 things to do before I die”…huh!!!,,no wonder I tossed this list in the trash can, it’s too long.

My new list will consist of 50, 40, 25, okay 10 things to do before I die. Yes, that’s sounds more doable.

Looking back at the last 3 months (which are gone gone gone and never coming back), the only amazing accomplishments I can remember are, completing an “exciting” grade 4 project all about ancient buildings and the spellbinding history behind it, mastering the art of long division sums,(which I had learned and forgotten before I entered grade 5), transporting kids from one activity to the next,cooking for them, feeding them, doing more homework, listening to them, and, oh yes, the highlight, trying to get by a few days without using a crow bar to yank two bickering kids apart.

Please understand that I love my kids to bits, but I was just recently slapped in the face by reality and realised that while helping my kids grow, I have unwittingly suffocated my own life.

While, I do not plan on changing the things I do for my children, I will change the schedule a bit. I plan on making time for myself and my better half. Doing things for our kids should not be the “be all and end all” of our existance, it should be a piece of a puzzle that fits into the bigger picture of the rest of our lives. Yes, some people make mind maps to organise their lives, I have a jumbo 5000 piece puzzle, and I just realised that each piece has its own place and will fit into the big picture in it’s own time.

And so the need for my long forgotten bucket list, has arised once again, and even if I get through half of the 10 items on my list, at least It’s a start.

If you haven’t already heard about a bucket list, I suggest that number 1 on your list should be “to pull yourself out from under that rock that you’ve been hiding at, and start making a list as fast as you can grab a pen (or crayon).

A bucket list is simply a list of things you wish to do before you die., hence the name ‘bucket list’…you know…before you ‘kick the bucket’..

Make a list of things you always wanted to do, but could never find the time or finances to do. Be realistic and list goals which are achievable. Wishing that you accumulate a million rands in the next two years will only make you depressed and wanting to give up if you don’t achieve this, rather start with the fun stuff. Saving money is not fun, what’s the use of the money when you are too old to do anything fun with it.

Number one on my bucket list is ‘shark cage diving’ – something I’ve been contemplating for many years now, but always thought it won’t happen, and I was right. it didn’t happen. And I am the only reason it didn’t happen, I set boundaries for myself and subconciously told myself I can’t do it. looking back now, I realised I lost out on my youth and part of life. Although much older now, I now plan on experiencing this later this year, because I know in 5 years time I will be trying to kick myself for not taking the plunge.

You can do the same, just take a peek out of your ‘box’ and see what lies ahead. Life is for living, so live it.

Please feel free to share your bucket list with us, it might just inspire someone to do the same. Remember there should not be a time frame in which to complete your list, just go with the flow and enjoy it.

My bucket list:



  • Crossing the bridge at Orlando towers, Soweto, just a walk across, nothing too adventurous (but still scary enough)


  • Go on a road trip with lots of crazy family in a crazy bus (okay, now this is going to be scaaaaaaaaaaaaaary)


  • Get a make over (don’t look so shocked, miracles do happen, you know)


Ø  Go swimming with dolphins (well at least they can swim, I’ll just waddle)


  • Take a trip to Morocco


Inspire at least 10 friends to get a bucket list


Create my dream home


  • Go camping


  • A ship cruise with my better half




  1. Wow…”Bucket List”…now i knw wat it is…lol
    I need one….and 1st on my list is to do what i say im goin to do….put my words in action…

    Thanx…this is really inspiring


  2. Mhhhh…. this ‘Bucket list’ ??? first on my bucket list will be to stop Procasinating, put my thoughts into action
    -socialise more
    -go on holiday
    -connect more with my innerself once that done then,Empty that bucket and fill it again with a new list .


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